Caps Might Transfer To G2 With Perkz Shifting To AD Carry

Yesterday was the first day of free agency for most professional League of Legends players and roster changes are already ridiculous. However, the biggest shakeup seems to be Caps leaving Fnatic and joining G2 while Perkz will shift from being G2’s mid to being G2’s AD carry as reported by ESPN. Although this change has only been rumored and is not yet been confirmed, the fact that these negotiations are going on is simply absurd.

A lot of Fnatic fans were definitely hoping that their roster would remain completely unchanged considering their stellar performance during 2018. They reached the finals of Worlds as the first Western team to do so in 7 years but, unfortunately, could not beat IG in order to claim the title. However, they showed that Western teams can go toe-to-toe with the Asian ones and that “the gap has closed”. Obviously, after just missing out on the Worlds title most fans expected the team to stick together and come back stronger next year but that might change quite significantly now.


If Caps actually leaves Fnatic it will be quite a blow for the European squad as he’s been an extremely valuable member for the team. Caps was the primary carry and playmaker for the team and Fnatic would often rely on his ability to carry in order to win games. Although Rekkles was also a strong carry, he was more of a late-game insurance in case Caps wasn’t able to carry. During 2018 he has proved himself to be the strongest mid laner in Europe.


Caps’ mid lane rival Perkz has shown to be interested in playing ADC in the past so him shifting to this role would not be too strange although it would still be quite shocking. He played a lot of Kai’Sa when the funneling strategy was strong and he’s currently playing quite a few games of ADC in solo queue which clearly shows that he’s no stranger to the role.

If this trade moves past being just rumors and actually happens then G2 might become one of the strongest teams in Europe. Having both Caps as well as Perkz on the roster is quite insane as they’re both considered to be some of the most talented European players in recent history. As an esports fan, this is a roster move that I would love to see play out.

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