PUBG Mobile: 5 Weapons ‘Top 1’ Chinese Players Uses To Own Fools

In PUBG Mobile, Chinese players are excelling (well, at least when not cheating) and are known for their excellent weapon selection. Lets take a look at some of their most used weapons.

Top 5 súng

5. UMP9

» Ammo type: 9mm

» Basic magazine: 30 bullets

» Basic damage: 30

» Rate of fire: 62

» Effective range: 30

» Stability: 31

Top 5 khẩu súng

The first one of the list is the muiti-purpose SMG name UMP9, this gun can be equipped with many attachments. You can kill the enemy instantly with this gun but the effective range and the damage is quite low. This gun has very low recoil, so if you can attach a silencer, you can kill the enemy and they never see it coming.


4. SKS

» Ammo type: 7.62mm

» Basic magazine: 10 viên

» Basic damage: 50

» Rate of fire: 32

» Effective range: 64

» Stability: 48

Top 5 khẩu súng

This is a DMR, it has the combination of AR (firing speed) and SR (damage and range), so it is most effective at medium and long range. The damage of this gun is not as high as a AWM, but with its high stability, SKS is indeed a great choice.

3. AWM

» Ammo type: .300

» Basic magazine: 5 viên

» Basic damage: 100

» Rate of fire: 6

» Effective range: 100

» Stability: 34

Top 5 khẩu súng

Tremendous firepower and scary muzzle velocity, this gun is considered the king of AWM type. The disadvantage is the limited number of ammo, and you have to compete with other players to get it from Airdrops box.


2. AKM

» Ammo type: 7.62mm

» Basic magazine: 30 viên

» Basic damage: 42

» Rate of fire: 61

» Effective range: 60

» Stability: 43

Top 5 khẩu súng

AKM is the most popular gun in PUBG. It has two firing mode: full auto for short range and single for long range. You can attach scope, magazine and muzzle to enhance its power. It is also the AR gun with highest damage in the game, and in single mode, the accuracy is nearly perfect.

1. Mini14

» Type: DMR

» Firing mode: Semi-auto

» Amno type: 5.56mm

» Damage: 46 hp / bullet

» Magazine: 20 bullets

Top 5 khẩu súng

This gun got trashed by player with PC version, but in PUBG Mobile, Mini14 emerges as a phenomenon with great muzzle velocity, high stability, and very low recoil. For PUBG Mobile, players opt to firing a lot of ammo instead of one hit-one kill style. This is also the reason why Mini14 is currently the best choice for Chinese server.

So that is the Top 5 strongest guns in PUBG Mobile that Chinese players favor.

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