LoL Guide: Item Building For Kai’Sa – The Best Marksman Of Patch 8.17

I. Starting items for Kai’Sa

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Like with other marksman champions, you should get Kai’Sa a  Doran’s Blade first for more damage, HP and lifesteal ability.

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If you have to go against champions like Caitlyn, Miss Fortune, … in laning phase, get  Doran’s Shield to stay in lane as long as possible.

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Another option is to get started with Doran’s Ring and 2 Health Potions, for champions that are not so good at harassing enemies.

II. Complete builds for Kai’Sa

1. AP build

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This build is very popular. Stormrazor, Guinsoo’s Rageblade amd and Nashor’s Tooth are 3 items that would help Kai’Sa with her W and E.

Rabadon’s Deathcap is to maximize Kai’Sa’s AP.

Zhonya’s Hourglass gives Kai’Sa more armor and some more AP and of course its unique active ability Stasis to use when in danger.

This build brings Kai’Sa a lot of AP. As a result, her W – Void Seeker would deal a huge amount of damage. If Void Seeker hits enemy AD, Kai’Sa can use R – Killer Instinct along with Q – Icathian Rain to quickly finish him off.


2. AD build

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This build helps boost Q – Icathian Rain and E – Void Seeker of Kai’Sa.

Infinity Edge would give Kai’Sa much more attack speed. Furthermore, its damage type is true damage.

3. AD/AP hybrid

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This build would maximize Kai’Sa’s offensive power but leave her with low defensive power. If you believe that you can still do well in such situation, follow the build anyway.

Pro players don’t usually use this AD/AP hybrid build for Kai’Sa as it is a bit risky.

4. Jungling build

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Jungling is a viable option for Kai’Sa thanks to her damage output and her E – Supercharge which gives bonus attack speed, movement speed.

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