New Pokemon Coming To Pokemon Go Revealed By Dataminer

A dataminer popular in the Pokémon Go datamining community, Chrales, has uncovered a list of missing Gen 2 and Gen 3 Pokémon that are likely going to be arriving to the game soon. On a live Twitch stream, Chrales reveals a number of different sprites that he had discovered in network traffic. Reddit user, u/JANKA_lml, organized all of these new Pokémon sprites into a single graphic which you can see below.

Pokemon Go Chrales Leak
Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, some mythic Pokémon like Celebi and Jirachi will be added to the game. Most likely, Niantic is planning to launch several special events specifically for players to be able to capture these Pokémon. What’s interesting to note is that in addition to the normal sprites, Niantic has already included “shiny” variants of these mythic Pokémon begging the question – “How will players be able to acquire these special versions?”

Another noteworthy Pokémon to make this list is Smeargle, who has long been absent from the game despite the fact that most other Gen 2 Pokémon have already been added. Writers from Forbes

and Polygon have speculated that the long delay was due to its unique move set – Smeargle’s signature ability is “Sketch” which allows it to copy the target’s last move. This theory makes a lot of sense considering that the move’s parameters are unlike anything that has already been coded into Pokémon Go. The developers would need to do a considerable amount of work just to be able to add this move into the game.

While there isn’t any concrete information as to when these Pokémon are expected to become available in game, Niantic will undoubtedly release more details very soon. With the “Pokémon Go Fest 2018: A Walk In The Park” event being set for this weekend in Chicago, it seems like a solid time to make some big announcements.

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