Fnatic Keeps The European Dream Alive And Makes The Worlds Finals

The biggest EU versus NA showdown that we have had in years was decidedly in Europe’s favor as Fnatic has defeated Cloud9 in a clean 3-0 victory, just like IG’s victory against G2 yesterday. Although the EU versus NA hype was certainly there during the beginning of the series, it quickly died out when Fnc showed just how far ahead they are of C9. Although it’s absolutely fantastic that a Western team has made the finals for the first time in 7 years, I think most fans would have loved to see a close 5 game series between these two teams.

Game 1

The first game between Fnatic and Cloud9 was very reminiscent of the first game of yesterday’s semifinals as Fnatic completely stomped the American squad. C9 started off quite well with a late invade which meant that Broxah lost his red buff, however, Broxah ganked Caps quite early on in the game and from that point forward Fnatic just ran away with the gold lead. Cloud9 also picked Ekko in the top lane as a counter to Bwipo’s Viktor but Licorice was clearly outclassed by the European rookie. For most of the game though, it was Broxah and Caps getting the team ahead by roaming and ganking. It didn’t take long for Fnatic to close out the game in dominating fashion.


Game 2

The second game of the series was a bit more in favor of Cloud9 throughout the early to mid game. They surprised Fnatic with a Viktor and Leona bot lane which meant Fnatic had to give up a lot of pressure on the bot side of the map due to the pressure that C9’s bot lane was able to put out. However, Fnatic opted for a late game team by drafting Sivir and Azir so giving up a bit of pressure and losing some fights didn’t matter too much for them. Once Sivir and Azir reached their power spikes Fnatic was once again able to run all over Cloud9 without too much resistance and the game ended with an impressive quadra kill for Caps’ Azir.


Game 3

Cloud9 really started to feel the pressure this game as it was basically do-or-die and thus went for a lot of risky and aggressive plays. Despite a sloppy start to the game they actually managed to acquire a lead during the mid-game by making unexpected and aggressive plays. They were able to secure a few dragons and went won a few skirmishes throughout the game. It was the first game in the series where Fnatic was slightly on the backfoot, however, it wouldn’t last as one fantastic fight by Fnatic determined the outcome of the entire game. After a pick on Bwipo, Cloud9 overstayed in the bot lane which meant that Bwipo was able to teleport back in after respawning and the entirety of Fnatic collapsed on Cloud9, ending the series shortly after.

The entire series was an impressive display of power from the European team who are the only favorites that still remain in the tournament. In the finals, they will once again face off against IG, the 2nd seed from the LPL. The teams previously faced off against each other during the group stages where IG won the first game but Fnatic won the 2nd and tiebreaker game. Now that both IG and Fnatic have won their respective semifinals through 3-0 victories all eyes are on the finals which should be an impressive clash between titans.

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