Reworked Akali Champion Spotlight And New Lore Released

Riot has released the champion spotlight video for the new Akali remake. The video features her new kit which just looks like it has an absolutely crazy amount of mobility. She even has invisibility that makes her untargetable by turrets, which is completely new.

The new Akali rework also came with a new lore dump, similarly like we saw with the lore dump prior to Ryze’s new cinematic. This time the lore comes through a short story called “Leaving Weh’le“. In this story, we can read up on the lore of Akali that has been changed significantly in order to make her stand out more. Instead of being a part of Shen’s Shinkou order, she has instead decided to rebel and leave the order so that she can follow her own path.

The story starts up quite slowly, with a lot of description of the port town and the tavern where she is staying. We also get some information on how she those new tattoos that she is sporting now. Despite a slow start, the story is not without its action as it turns into a Naruto fight sequence real fast with kunai’s flying everywhere and Akali doing some absurd ninja gymnastics in order to kill a few guards. Although the action sequence is a little weird it does represent her kit very well. Besides Akali, the lore of Shen, Master Yi, Zed, and Karma has also been slightly updated.

In the champion spotlight, we can clearly see that she has a lot of mobility and outplay potential in her kit. This is because her remake was designed by infamous champion designer CertainlyT. He is one of the most notorious champion designers as he’s behind champions such as Yasuo and Zoe, both of which had quite a few balance issues when they were released. Personally, I think CertainlyT’s champion designs are very original and always try to push the game as far as it can go although I agree that they are not without their problems. If his previous releases are any indication, Akali will be severely overpowered after her rework.

Flaws with the rework have already been discovered after a Redditor called u/Mistavis pointed out that Akali’s hands are enormous and I honestly can’t unsee it anymore. However, instead of simply calling out the design team for giving her large hands, he makes up some absurd conspiracy theory which makes the whole post quite hilarious and more of a playful jab towards Riot.

Akali’s reword will be released together with patch 8.15 that will come out somewhere during this week.

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