Origin User Loses His Entire Account, EA Hardly Helps

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you’re entire digital game library was suddenly deleted? One unfortunate soul found himself in that exact situation. A Redditor by the username FlyingOfficer posted an extensive claim that EA had deleted his entire Origin account that had more than a thousand dollars worth of games on there. After getting in touch with EA countless of times he went to Reddit and social media as a last resort in the hopes that someone could help him or that, at the very least, his story would be heard.

In his post, he describes that he has gotten in touch with EA quite a few times but that they were unable to, or simply refused to help him. The people that he got in touch with simply told him that they had no idea about his account and that it seemed like his account had simply never existed. At one point even his case ID got deleted which meant that he didn’t have anything to go on anymore at all. He could not even discuss his case or problem with the help center as there was simply no trace of his account or case left in the EA database.

Since his post on Reddit blew up, it quickly came to the attention of EA that replied with a long damage control post of their own. In this post, they shared they were trying to help out FlyingOfficer through a private conversation. The person writing the post also explained that this situation was completely unacceptable to EA and that they always try to help anyone in such a situation.

In the end, EA decided to give FlyingOfficer a completely new account with the same Gamertag. On this new account, they gave him all the games that he had previously purchased which would be somewhat the same as returning him his old account. The only difference is that he has lost all of his progress.

Although EA responded by saying that such a situation was unacceptable, a lot of Redditors rightfully called out EA for their extremely poor customer service. Quite a few people recalled their experiences with EA’s customer service and their pretty awful, to say the least. One person even explained that he had to ask a hacker for his account back as EA simply refused to help.

This really makes you wonder how many people had their accounts deleted by EA without having their cries for help being answered. It truly seems that the only to get EA’s help is through a post on social media platforms that blows up. EA gets a pretty bad rep for how poorly they treat their customers and this situation doesn’t help their case. Although FlyingOfficer got his account back in the end, the entire ordeal seemed more like damage control by EA rather than actually helping him out.

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