Overwatch To Get Spectator Mode According To Developer Update

People haven’t been a fan of Overwatch‘s camera angles for spectating the game and they’ve been complaining about it for more than a year. Well, it seems the folks over at Blizzard are listening – a new developer video released yesterday unveils a new spectator mode that should fix this issue.

Check out the clip below.

Just in time for the Overwatch World Cup whose finals are next month, comes the “Overwatch World Cup Viewer.” This new viewer will enable fans to control the camera angles themselves, allowing them to adjust between several different views, such as 1st person and 3rd person perspectives.

Initially, the Overwatch World Cup Viewer will be just that, a viewer specifically for the World Cup and it will only be available to PC users. The video doesn’t mention whether or not Overwatch League will also be impacted by this update. Eventually, the feature will be expanded upon to include support for other systems and normal games, though there isn’t an exact timeline for when these developments are expected to go live.


There were a couple of other announcements made during the video, such as some balancing to a few different heroes and the fact that there won’t be a new map reveal at Blizzcon. Ultimately, the key point of this developer update was the World Cup Viewer.

Are you excited to finally be able to control the action yourself? Let us know in the comments section below!


Featured Image Source: Kotaku

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