Dragon Ball FighterZ Adding Cooler To Roster


Lots of big fighting news these days with Evo 2018 having taken place over the weekend. There were some huge upsets over at the Smash Bros. Melee scene and an epic showdown in Dragon Ball FighterZ ultimately led to Sonic Fox taking home first place. One of the biggest announcements regarding the latter was the reveal that “Cooler” is joining the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster. For those of you who’ve never watched the Dragon Ball Z movies, Cooler is Frieza’s stronger, meaner, older brother.

The fan reaction to the news was pretty awesome. Check out the below video to see the moment in all of its glory. It’s preset to the exact second right before the big reveal.

Didn’t realize that Cooler had that many fans – he and his father “King Cold” always seemed to lack the unique flair that Frieza had. Guess a lot of fans beg to differ!

The video showcased a bit of Cooler’s moves and from what we can make out, he seems to be pretty powerful. It will be interesting to see if his introduction into the game shakes up the tier list of top fighters.

If you’re interested in seeing the original high resolution version of the trailer, here’s a closer look at it.


If you watch from the very beginning, you’ll notice that Bandai Namco is also releasing a new chapter to Dragon Ball FighterZ including the Z-fighters’ battle vs. Nappa and the first Goku vs. Vegeta fight. It looks pretty well put together.

For all the DBFZ fans out there, lots of great things are coming your way!


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