A New Phantasy Star Game Is Coming To Mobile

Phantasy Star Idola

Phantasy Star is one of those very fun RPG series that have a hard time making it overseas. It’s like how Secret of Mana 3, Mother 3, and a variety of other legendary games just never ended up leaving Japanese shores. It wasn’t until Phantasy Star Online that audiences out of Japan got a taste of the series. Now there’s a sizeable strong cult following for the series.


For those of you who really enjoy Phantasy Star, a new entry in the sci-fi RPG series is coming out in Japan before the end of the year. Wish there was more information regarding the release date, but a newly released trailer only gives us that. Check it out for yourself below.

“Idola: Phantasy Star Saga” looks to be a bit similar in gameplay to “Fate/Grand Order,” a popular turn-based mobile RPG.

Idola Phantasy Star
Image Source: RPGsite

On the top left corner of the interface, there are colored circles in a triangle showing relationships between the three. Looks like they borrowed this idea from Fire Emblem Heroes’ “weapon triangle” system where certain weapons do bonus or less damage depending upon what type of unit they are used against.


Idola: Phantasy Star Saga also appears to utilize the ever popular “gacha” system to acquire new units. It just never gets old apparently…

Based upon the limited info provided in the trailer, it’s hard to say whether or not this title will be any good or more importantly, whether or not it will be released outside of Japan. Hopefully we get more details regarding this in the coming weeks so all my fellow Phantasy Star fans can figure out if we’re supposed to be happy or be readying our pitchforks.

Stay tuned.



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