Updated Symmetra Allows For Ridiculous New Flanks

A mastermind tactician on Reddit by the name of u/andygmb has found some creative flanks that you can pull off with the newly update Symmetra. Both flanks require a Mei to work as Mei will have to create an ice wall slightly “outside” of the map so that Symmetra can place a teleporter around a corner, which would normally never be possible.

The first flank on Gibraltar.

The second flank in BlizzardWorld

As you can see both flanks follow the exact same tactic and require precise timing and communication to pull off. The new flanks open up a huge number of possibilities for your team to sneak around chokepoints and attack the enemy in the rear. When pulled off correctly, the flanks give you a huge positional advantage. As we saw in both clips, a Bastion managed to sneak along, which meant that all of a sudden a Bastion appeared behind the enemy team. This will tear any team to shreds really.

Some players have already expressed their concerns with these new flanking possibilities. Some champions like Bastion or Reinhardt are now able to easily to get around corners that they shouldn’t be able to. Maps are specifically designed to have chokepoints that some champions are forced to go through, while other champions can find a way around with their mobility. Now that practically any champion can avoid certain chokepoints it could potentially break the game.

While it’s a valid argument, I doubt it will impact games too much. It requires two niche champions to be played on the attacking team which already puts your team at a disadvantage in most cases. The strat also requires precise timing and communication. Any delay will cause your entire team to plummet into the abyss when the icewall breaks. If Blizzard feels that the interaction is game-breaking they could always patch the game so that the teleporter can’t be placed on Mei’s wall or that Mei’s wall can’t be placed outside of the map.

Watch out for this strat in your next few games as a lot of Overwatch players have seen it on Reddit. I can already see my entire team falling to their deaths and throwing a game while attempting this flank.


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