Fortnite Leak Reveals In-Game Gifting

Last week, the most popular name when it comes to leaking upcoming Fortnite content, @The1Jaren, revealed a big batch of Halloween stuff that would be making its way to the game. His latest leak just the other day gives us a glimpse at a long-awaited Fortnite feature – the ability to gift your friends in-game cosmetics!

As reported by Forbes, @The1Jaren is at it again and this time he shows off the new “gifting” feature. Through a short video clip, we can see that when purchasing a cosmetic item/emote, there’s a new button that appears under “Purchase” giving players the option to “Buy As A Gift.”

Image Source: @The1Jaren (via Forbes)

Upon selecting that option, players get a window showing a list of their friends who can be selected as recipients of the gift.

It’s worth noting here that in this picture, @The1Jaren’s friends would have to wait 8 days before they can receive the gift. The Forbes article has theorized that this “8 days” might hint at the actual release date of this feature. As @The1Jaren provided the information on October 13th, 8 days more would be October 21st. While this does make some sense, the fact that one person in the friends list has 9 days instead of 8, casts a shadow of doubt on this idea. Unless that particular player lives in a different country and/or has a completely different time zone, you’d assume that all players would have to wait the same amount of days if that number indicated when the feature would go live.


After selecting your recipient(s) you can write a personalized message to them as well.

For a look at the whole video showing off this new feature, check out @The1Jaren’s original post below.

Whether we get this feature next week or not, at the latest, this feature should be arriving before Halloween if Epic Games is looking to further capitalize on the special Halloween cosmetics. With it in place, players will no doubt be gifting their friends and family fun Halloween skins to spice up their games.


Featured Image Source: Dailystar

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