Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Limited Edition And Pro Controller Announced

Nintendo has revealed that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will come with a limited edition that you can order, which includes a steelbook case for the game and a special Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, although the controller can also be ordered separately.


The steelbook edition looks pretty awesome. It’s an almost completely black case except for a fiery smash emblem right in the middle of the case. If you are into steelbook cases or even in collecting exclusive limited edition items, this steelbook should definitely leave you satisfied.


The Pro Controller, on the other hand, looks pretty awful if you ask me. The controller will probably handle just fine as it hasn’t changed much from the original Pro Controller. However, the design is where Nintendo really dropped the ball. It’s not bad per se, but with a game like Smash, there is so much more that they could have done.

Independent video game accessory developer PDP has also designed Smash themed that look way more amazing than Nintendo’s lousy effort. Although they were inspired by the Nintendo Gamecube Controllers rather than by the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, the actual design of them is absolutely stunning and something that I would be way more likely to pick up than the official Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pro Controller.


Although Nintendo has not officially revealed what the price for the limited special edition will be, a listing on Bestbuy can already be found that states the price as $139.99, which is quite a high price for a steelbook cover and an okay-looking controller. If you do like the controller and want to buy it separately, it will cost you $74.99.

Nintendo has previously announced that they will also release a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate themed GameCube controller that will come out alongside the game. The GameCube controller is currently available for pre-order at various retailers for $29.99.

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