LMS Team G-Rex Takes First In Group After An Undefeated 4-0 Run

G-Rex has surprised everyone that watches Worlds due to their extremely solid performance throughout the play-in group stages. They have secured the first place within their group with an undefeated and very dominant run.

Besides today’s clownfiesta against KLG, G-Rex has looked like one of the strongest teams in the play-in groups so far. The team is the 3rd place team from the LMS and originally founded in Hong Kong. They were put into a group with the 1st place team from the LCL, Gambit Gaming and the 1st place team of the CLS, Kaos Latin Gamers, however, the other teams were definitely of no competition to G-Rex as stomped most games except the clownfiesta.


So far, G-Rex and EDG have impressed the most during the play-ins as they have performed the best. However, whereas no one was doubting EDG to dominate their group, most fans were quite unsure about G-Rex. This is mostly due to the fact that the LMS is a very top-heavy competition. Everyone knows that the LMS performs well on the international stage but it’s only ever Flash Wolves and not other teams that we see showing up. In the LMS itself, it’s not that different. Although upsets definitely exist, it’s mostly the Flash Wolves that keep dominating the entire competition.


This means that it’s very hard for League analysists and fans to estimate how strong the other LMS teams will be during an international competition. This lead to people not quite putting G-Rex on the same level as G2, Cloud9, and EDG that they are clearly on. I would even go as far as saying that they are looking quite a bit stronger than Cloud9 and G2.

Whether G-Rex will actually make it to the group stages or not is still undecided. However, now that they have secured the first spot in their group the only thing stopping them from going to groups is a single best of 5 against a team that comes in second in another group. With how G-Rex has performed so far it’s hard to see them losing this best of 5 against any other team currently in the play-ins apart from EDG. However, EDG is also poised to take 1st so this matchup will already be avoided.

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