Nintendo Makes Wish Of Dying Man Come True With Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Chris Taylor, a 21-year old terminal cancer patient from Ontario, Canada, wasn’t sure if he’d live to see the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. According to a massively upvoted thread on Reddit, Nintendo helped make his dream come true when they brought an E3 demo of the game to his house where he played for three hours.

He tweeted a picture of him playing the game and thanking Nintendo for granting his wish last Friday.


According to an article on thenextweb, Chris was quoted as saying:

“I am a little worried that smash’ll be out of reach for my lifespan though and that mega sucks if I’m being real with yall. It’s kinda dumb to want a video game so much that I’d beg for it over my passing and would feel greedy and scummy because there are 3 games that fall into this category (Isaac: Repentance, DMC5, Smash) because I’d be holding my death over their hands.”

In a sad turn of events however, his brother posted earlier today informing netizens that Chris had just passed away


Today Chris passed away at around 5 pm est. He was surrounded by friends and family when it happened in the comfort of his own home. On behalf of him and our family we are extremely thankful for all the love and support Chris has gotten. You guys made it possible for his wish to come true. I hope chris’s memory lives on through all of us when we game. Just remember this once… everybody got together for the most genuine man I’ve ever known. He just wanted to get out there meet some people and play some games. Unfortunately, he can’t do that anymore so lets continue his legacy for him.”

Glad to hear that at the very least, he was able to enjoy a few games of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before he left us.

Rest in peace Chris.


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