Teabagging Is Old News, In SCUM You Can Poop On Your Enemies

I’ve been playing games for a long time, but honestly, I’ve never seen anything like this. In SCUM, an open-world survival game currently in Early Access on Steam, players can literally defecate on the bodies of their fallen enemies. It’s hands down one of the most insane / degrading ways to trash opponents in any PVP game.

An article on Kotaku goes through a list of some epic reviews on Steam that basically highlight how everyone is obsessed with pooping on their enemies. Here are some of the funniest comments:

While those give you a solid idea of the madness you can expect playing SCUM, even better than the reviews are these hilarious reaction videos by top streamers to this in-game poop “feature.”


The below video is a bit long at just over 10 minutes, but honestly, it’s worth watching every minute of it. You’re probably going to laugh harder than you ever have watching this compilation of SCUM clips.

While SCUM is currently getting mixed reviews on Steam, it’s clear this game isn’t simply “just another” open-world survival game. If you feel like current games don’t give you the ability to be as derogatory as you’d like towards your opponents, give SCUM a try. It doesn’t get much more derogatory than taking a dump on the bodies of slain enemies.


Featured Image Source: PCGamesN


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