Team Liquid Beat 100 Thieves 3-1 In Playoffs Semifinal

In a repeat of the NA LCS Spring Split finals, Team Liquid has once again stomped 100 Thieves. Team Liquid won with 3-1 in order to secure their spot in the Spring Slit playoff finals and will Cloud 9 next week in the final to determine who takes home first place and a trip to Worlds 2018.

Although Team Liquid went 3 in 1, the first game of the series was completely in 100 Thieves favor. They came storming out of the gates and surprised everyone with how dominantly they beat Team Liquid. They put Ssumday 0n Gangplank, with which he dominated the game. Ssumday is often put on carry champions as this is a strategy that often nets 100 Thieves some wins. However, despite their early success in the series, it wouldn’t last.

Despite sticking with the same strategy for the second game, simply putting Ssumday on a carry didn’t prove effective enough to just win the games. Doublelift turned out to be way too dominant on the bottom half of the map, where 100 Thieves played with a substitute player. The advantage that Doublelift built up for his team proved way too big for 100 Thieves to overcome and despite a close game, Team Liquid ultimately took the victory in convincing fashion.

Game 3 and 4 were completely in Team Liquid’s favor as Doublelift once again proved why he’s such a revered player. He was consistently up about 30 to 40 cs compared to his opponent and used this advantage to easily push his team to victory. The games were probably pretty easy for Team Liquid’s star ADC as he playing versus an Academy player.

Now that Team Liquid has secured their spot in the playoff finals, it marks the 6th final in a row for Doublelift. That’s a pretty absurd number and it clearly shows that he is probably the best player in the NA LCS right now. There are not a lot of players out there who so consistently make it to the playoff finals and Doublelift is well on his way to take over Bjergsen’s spot as the most decorated player that has ever played in the NA LCS.

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