Seagull Reaches Massive Milestone During Nano Cola D.Va Event Stream

Seagull recently retired

from being a professional Overwatch player and wanted to go back to streaming. He became famous due to streaming and thus thought it would only be fair to give back to his fans by once again becoming a full-time streamer. With the Nano Cola D.Va streaming event out, it seems that Seagull’s decision has paid off immensely.

Yesterday, Blizzard launched their Nano Cola D.Va event in celebration of the new map and D.Va animated short. One part of the event is a streaming schedule that has been set up, where players can watch certain streamers at certain times in order to receive stickers they can use in the game. Seagull was the first streamer on the schedule and the one to kick off the entire streaming event. Needless to say, it was a huge success.

Seagull has always been one of Overwatch’s most popular streamers, even when he was playing competitively and hardly had any time to stream. However, the numbers that he pulled on his stream yesterday were pretty insane, even for him. The stream peaked at 107,000 which is pretty high. Sure, they’re no Ninja numbers but it’s still really impressive. According to Seagull, he also pulled in 7000 new subscribers and 60,000 new followers which are huge numbers considering he did so in just a single day.


The stream was so popular that even Jeff Kaplan made an appearance. He typed a direct message to Seagull while he was streaming demanding that Seagull hit 100k viewers or he would riot.

Although meant as a joke, Jeff Kaplan followed up with a congratulatory message once Seagull actually hit 100k.

This day will probably be a milestone for Seagull’s career as a full-time streamer and definitely proofs he made the right decision coming back to full-time streaming. Hopefully, Seagull will be featured during more of these events as he is extremely entertaining to watch.

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