Amazon Announces A “The Grand Tour” Video Game

A video game for the TV show “The Grand Tour” has been announced and it’s surprised us all, to say the least. Although the trailer looks quite fine, I don’t think anyone expected this game to ever exist at all.

The Grand Tour Game lets you jump into the lives of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May as you finally get to drive the same cars as they do. The Grand Tour was started after the controversial firing of Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear, a popular car show that the trio previously presented. The trio was quickly picked up by Amazon and they were offered to make a new show similar in style to Top Gear, which means just as many fast cars and just as many silly antics.

After 2 successful seasons, Amazon has decided to experiment by creating a game in anticipation for the upcoming third season. Although the idea sounds kind of weird, the concept behind it is rather original and might just work. If you purchase the season pass for the game then every Friday as soon as a new episode of season 3 has aired you will be able to jump in the game and play through the scenarios by yourself, as well as drive new cars that they just presented on the show.

Although the concept is quite interesting, its still a little uncertain how much freedom the player will actually be given. TV shows are entertaining but don’t offer freedom like a lot of video games do. If we see the presenters drive a particular route in the show, does this mean that we can only follow that exact same route, or will there be some space to explore other roads and areas?  Since the trailer is quite short there’s not really an answer in there, so we will just have to wait for more information on the game.

Although the concept definitely sounds interesting, I’m a bit skeptical as to whether it will actually work out. One thing about games that appeals to so many games is the amount of freedom that you’re given which might be a bit lacking in a game based on episodes from a TV show. However, for fans of the show this could just be the perfect game.

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