A Hat In Time Gets Free DLC And Nintendo Switch Port

A new A Hat in Time DLC will be released that adds a whole bunch of content to the game. A trailer for the new DLC has just been released and even confirms that the game is being ported to the Nintendo Switch.

In the trailer, we see that the DLC is comprised of various different features that will be added to the game world. The most exciting of which is the introduction of a whole new chapter called The Arctic Cruise where we will be exploring a cruise ship filled with cute and lovable sea creatures. Contrary to what you might think though, you are not there to relax but are instead a new recruit. You are tasked with delivering drinks, food, and throwing out the garbage as you explore your way throughout the ship.

The other part of the DLC is a new game mode called Death Wish that basically transforms the entire experience into a 3D Cuphead. With insanely difficult looking bosses and levels, this will surely be the game mode for you if you enjoy the thrilling and over-the-top gameplay and have lightning-fast reflexes. Personally, I will probably just try it out and fail miserably. The game mode also features a few new contracts that you have to complete for the Snatcher that will award you with some awesome new cosmetics and other things.

The DLC will also contain a few other features such as 6 new time rifts to explore, which are often quite peaceful but really test your platforming. It also comes with a whole bunch of new cosmetics, dyes, and wardrobes. Multiplayer functionality has also been added to the game and you will now be able to play through the entire game with 2 people.

Although A Hat in Time has been really well received, it has flown under the radar for quite a lot of people. The game is a platformer collectathon that was inspired by games like Super Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, and Psychonauts. If you have a fondness for these types of games and wished that they were still being made than A Hat in Time is made for you. The game is also brilliantly designed as all the chapters feature different stories and gameplay elements. In one chapter you might be finding your way through a bandit infest town, doing what you can to avoid trouble whereas in the next one you will be solving a murder mystery.

The DLC will come out on September 13 on and will be free if downloaded within 24 hours of release, otherwise, the DLC will cost you $4.99. The Nintendo Switch release date has not yet been announced.

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