Legendary Support Player GorillA Has Joined The Misfits Organization

Misfits has just announced that their new starting support player will be former Kingzone Dragon X support GorillA which is absolutely astonishing. They made the announcement through a video that will definitely get you hyped, as if Gorilla joining Misfits wasn’t already hype enough.

GorillA started playing League of Legends professionally in 2014 when he joined Najin White Shield. Although Najin White Shield was quite successful, even making it to Worlds, it wasn’t until GorillA joined the ROX Tigers that he really rose to fame, although the team was still called HUYA Tigers when he joined them. GorillA, together with his ROX Tigers teammates, would be the main rival of SKT T1 and was long thought to be the team that would ultimately take down SKT during the Worlds finals. Although this never actually happened, GorillA and the other members of ROX Tigers still hold a special place in the hearts of many League of Legends fans.


After the ROX Tigers disbanded, GorillA joined Longzhu gaming with which he was also very successful. They won the LCK summer playoffs, making it to Worlds as the LCK’s number 1 team although they would ultimately lose against SSG, who ended up winning the entire tournament. In the 2018 season, GorillA was part of the Kingzone Dragon X roster. They were seen as the strongest team during the spring split but ultimately could not deliver the same performance during the summer split, which meant that they were not able to go to Worlds in the end.


With GorillA joining Misfits, the Misfits roster is looking incredibly strong. They will have Soaz starting in the top lane, Maxlore as jungler, Febiven in mid, Hans Sama as their ADC, and GorillA as support. This is definitely a veteran roster, with Hans Sama being the youngest player on the team but even he as has played competitively for 2 years already. However, it’s also a roster with extremely skilled individual players. It’s probably going to be one of the most entertaining rosters to watch play and the expectations of this roster are going to be incredibly high. Hopefully, they will be able to deliver.

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