The New Nunu Has Arrived And Looks Wonderful

Riot Games has fully revealed the new and improved Nunu through a reveal trailer that makes him look like one of the most adorable and fun-to-play champions in the game.

Although Nunu’s full kit has not yet been revealed they definitely show us some of his new abilities. The most notable of which is, of course, his new snowball ability. Nunu seems to be able to start rolling a snowball that just gets bigger and bigger the further Nunu pushes the snowball, kind of similar to how Aurelian Sol’s Starsurge works. As far as we can see in the trailer, the snowball can only travel in a straight line which means that you will have to play your trajectory before using it.


His other new ability seems to be something along the lines of throwing snowballs. This used to be an old ability of his although he looks like he’s throwing quite a few snowballs now, maybe that’s where the extra pair of arms come in. Besides his 2 new abilities, his chomp and ultimate have remained the same besides getting some visual updates. As was already announced in the Champion Roadmap, Riot felt that these two abilities were essential to Nunu’s identity and have thus left them the same.


Riot has also updated the lore surrounding the new champion. In his new lore, he gets a bigger role within the Freljord faction of the League of Legends universe. Previously, he was part of the faction but didn’t have any interaction with other members from it as his lore was simply outdated. Changing his lore not only gives him a greater part to play within Freljord, it also improves the faction as a whole as we learn some interesting tidbits about the nation.

Lastly, Riot has revealed Nunu’s new splash art as well as the art for all of the skins that he has and they simply look amazing. Some of the skins are hardly recognizable as they just look so completely different compared to before. Despite being outdated, Nunu had quite a few fan-favorite skins and it’s great to see that they have been improved upon in such a fantastic manner. Here are some of our favorites but you can check out the full album here.

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