Riot Games Brazil Accidentally Leaks Nunu’s Entirely New Look

Riot Games in Brazil accidentally uploaded a picture of the new updated Nunu and immediately removed it again. The champion was planned to get a new large-scale rework that will completely change his visuals and give him some new and interesting abilities to play with. His full rework was announced to be just around the corner when Riot talked about it in the Champion roadmap last week, however, it’s clear that he wasn’t scheduled to be revealed just yet.

The visual update itself is quite surprising, to be honest. It looks a lot more whimsical and fantastical than the original art for Nunu. Willump has probably changed the most. Instead of a serious-looking Yeti, we now get a four-armed Yeti that also has antlers. Quite a surprise to be sure but he doesn’t look bad at all, although it makes us wonder if his extra arms are going to serve a purpose at all.

Nunu has also changed quite a lot although not as dramatic. It’s mostly his outfit that has changed, going from a regular winter coat to a more Scandinavian-inspired attire. He also looks like he’s actually riding on Willump now, instead of just awkwardly sitting in a basket on the Yeti’s back. It definitely looks to be somewhat inspired by Where The Wild Things Are.

Most releases like new champions and champion reworks are officially revealed a few days before a new patch hit the PBE. As of right now, the PBE is still in the patch 8.16 cycle before this patch is implemented on the live servers. After that, patch 8.17 is likely to hit the PBE which is probably the patch on which the new Nunu will be released. This means that the full reveal of Nunu shouldn’t be that far off and that the leak is probably more of a mistake rather than a huge scandal.

We expect the full rework to be revealed somewhere in the next 2 weeks although Riot might decide to move it up altogether since it has now been leaked anyway. For more on new champions and champion reworks check out the Champion roadmap.

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