Frostpunk Update Lets You Give Names To Citizens And Automatons

Frostpunk has received a new update that lets you name the people and automatons that are living in your city. The developers have stated that this will help players with emerging in the game even more. Now it will be even harder to make decisions throughout your playthrough as you have bonded with all the characters that you have so carefully named.

Besides adding some flavor, the new naming system also allows you to more easily find people within your city. You will now be able to find any individual in the city by just searching for their name, both man and machine. This is mostly a quality of life change and will save you a bit of time when searching for someone, provided that you are good at remembering names of course. The developers also imagine that streamers will be happy with the new update as they can now rename their characters after new subscribers.

The update also brings a number of updated visuals to the game. The visual update brings new visuals for hunter airships, hunters’ huts, gathering posts, and outposts and workshops. This will make the game even better to look at than it already was, and it already looked absolutely fantastic.

The update has also added support for the Intel NUC Skull Canyon and the Razor Chroma. If you are fortunate enough to own either of these devices you can now use them to play Frostpunk.

Frostpunk was already released in April and gathered a lot of critical acclaim due to the innovative mix of city building and survival while continuously trying to force you to make unethical decisions in order to survive. Although it sounds like a rather volatile mix the game does a really good job of keeping it all coherent and easy to understand. Even if you managed to beat the game and have your city survive, this often wasn’t without any horrible decision you made along the way.

Although the game was revealed quite a while ago, the developers have not stopped working on improving the experience. This update is only the second step of their 5-step 2018 roadmap. The next update is called “Builders” and it will bring a new scenario to the game. The developers are even so kind to release all this new content and future updates for free.

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