Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Gets A New Story Through The Expansion Pass

A new trailer has been released that showcases some of the new content that is available for people that own the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 expansion pass. Although most of the content was already announced a few days earlier, the trailer definitely helps with demonstrating how much new content is added.

The highlight of the trailer is, of course, the new story called Torna ~ The Golden Country. In this completely new story mode, you will play through and uncover the full story of Jin and how the fall of his homeland. The story will place on an entirely new titan for you to explore called the Kingdom of Torna. The story also has a different battle system that allows you to play as the driver as well as the blades, in order to let you fully experience both. Owners of the expansion pass will be able to play through the full DLC story on September 14.

If this wasn’t enough to convince you to get the expansion pass, Nintendo has a whole lot more in store for you. Besides the new story, you will also receive exclusive blades. The latest blade is called Corsette and wields a Bitball and is a fire element. She comes in a core crystal with a 100% resonance rate which means that she will be useful right off the bat.

Expansion pass holders also get access to an exclusive mode called Challenge Mode. Here players will have to fend off increasingly large hordes of enemies that spawn in waves. However, the best part is that Shulk and Fiora from the original Xenoblade Chronicles will make an appearance as blades in order to help you crush as many enemies as possible.

Lastly, if you own the expansion pass you will gain access to a whole new array of quests and items. These quests are added to the base game and will let you explore some part of Alrest that you might have forgotten about already. If you have not finished the base game yet, these new quests will be playable as soon as you reach the required level and have progressed through the story enough.

This expansion pass of DLC proves that Nintendo still knows how to treat its customers right. The DLC is actually extra content that is completely unnecessary to play through the base game but will give fans something new to experience. This is how DLC should be done for games and more video game companies could stand to learn something from this example.

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