Fortnite Summer Skirmish Week 3 Day 2 Winners

summer skirmish fortnite

Atlantis Mitro and Atlantis Magin came out on top during the second day of Fortnite’s Week 3 Summer Skirmish event. The two will take home a $60,000 USD prize pot after surviving several grueling matches.

It’s clear that Epic learned their lesson from the extremely boring format we saw back in week 1 as their week 3 event was very exciting. They changed the match style to a point race with players trying to secure 13 points as fast as they could. Players could earn bonus points by getting a Victory Royale which would be worth 4 points. Additionally, if teams secured more than 5 eliminations they would be rewarded with an extra 2 points.


In addition to that sweet $60,000 USD prize pot mentioned earlier, Epic was also handing out a bonus cash prize worth $6500 to the team that secured the most eliminations.

Here’s the official match results and standings

from Week 3 Day 2 from Epic Games.

Fortnite WInners week 3 day 2

Fortnite week 3 standings

There were a lot of exciting moments in the matches this weekend, but this one definitely takes the cake for being the most intense 30 seconds of the series so far. Check it out.

That bounce pad leap was incredible! It’s moments like this that fans have been craving since the Summer Skirmish announcement earlier this month.

With the success of this weekend’s events, it’s clear that Epic Games is a fast learner. The lag/network performances issues have mostly been taken care of and the gameplay format of the events is now definitely providing fans with the excitement that they were expecting.

Given how entertaining week 3 was, I can’t wait to see how next weekend’s events play out. It’s bound to be a lot of fun and worth watching if you haven’t been doing so already. 

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