New FFBE Unit Awakened Rain Guide And Review

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The newest 5-star base character to be added to the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius summoning pool is none other than one of our major protagonists – Rain. His new incarnation, “Awakened Rain” is a magic tank specializing in covering your team from all kinds of magic attacks. Awakened Rain joins as the third 5-star base magic tank along with Basch and Chow. If you’re a player lacking either of these two, I’d say he’s worth spending some resources to chase. Not convinced? Let’s take a closer look at his skillset to see why he’s such a strong unit.

Awakened Rain FFBE

Awakened Rain

Passive Skills

Rain comes with a ton of passive skills which buff up base defenses considerably. He starts with “Guardian’s Fighting Spirit” which increases his DEF/SPR by 30% and gives him a 30% chance to protect one ally from a magic attack with 50% damage mitigation. At level 19, he gets access to “Awakening Power” which provides a huge boost of 50% to his HP and MP, as well as boosting his ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR by 30%! He also gets a shield passive in “Shield Expertise” boosting his DEF/SPR by 20% when equipped with a shield. He also gets an armor mastery in “

Armor Expertise” boosting his DEF/SPR by 30% when equipped with either light or heavy armor.

At 6 stars, Awakened Rain gets a 100% LB gauge fill rate passive with “Blazing Soul” which is extremely potent given some of his active abilities consume his LB gauge. Also helping out with his LB gauge generation is “Transformational Power” which gives Rain an 80% chance to counter magic attacks by generating 6 LB crysts. “Blazing Physique” makes him immune to petrify and increases his fire and earth resistance by 50%. This innate 50% resists in two elements makes him invaluable in 3-star esper battles particularly for new players lacking elemental resist gear.

Active Skills

Awakened Rain comes with one of the most unique sets of active skills including support moves, a provoke, a magical cover, and even damage moves which scale off of SPR. His first support move, “Escort Leader” provides a 60% AoE ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR buff for 3 turns to the party. He also has access to Magical Distraction” which is a strong single target 5-turn 60% MAG break. He also has a special move called “Complete Awakening” which costs 36 LB crysts instead of MP. This ability pumps Rain’s abilities to the max granting him a 200% ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR buff, 30% damage mitigation, a 3 turn regen healing 6000 HP, and an MP refresh restoring 20 MP over 3 turns.

His provoke, “Standout” is a 100% provoke that lasts for two turns while also providing him with 30% damage reduction. H is AoE magic cover ability is “Energy Wall

” which gives him an 80% chance to protect his teammates from magic damage with a damage mitigation of 50%-70% for 3-turns. He is the only unit in the game with both an innate provoke and an AoE magic cover!

Awakened Rain can also deal some respectable damage with “Rising Ray,” a 10-hit magic damage attack that scales off of SPR. His other SPR-scaling move becomes activated after using “Complete Focus” which provides him a 200% SPR buff for 2 turns. Upon using this move, Rain can use “Unleashed Focus,” a 1 hit magic attack with a 10x modifier for 1 turn making him a decent magical finisher.

While Rain’s magical spells are rather limited, he does learn “Raise” providing an emergency way to revive a fallen party member should the need arise. His other two spells, Firaga and Stonaga aren’t going to be dealing a lot of damage, but at the very least, they can help complete those pesky “deal X elemental damage” quests.

Limit Burst

Rain’s limit burst, “Blood Linkage” is a 24 hit magic attack that scales off of SPR. While the damage isn’t jaw-dropping, the attack can also partially chain with the LB of an upcoming monster physical damage dealer – Hyoh.

Trust Master Reward

Awakened Rain has one of the strongest magical defense TMRs in the game right now in “Protector of Lapis.” This ability provides a 20% HP, 40% SPR boost as well as increasing LB gauge generation by 2 per turn.


Awakened Rain is the premier magic tank even in the Japanese version of the game which is nearly a year ahead of global. Still, he isn’t significantly stronger than Basch or Chow. In the end, if you have any of the other two 5-star base tanks, I’d say Awakened Rain is a safe pass.

If you, like me, weren’t lucky enough to pull Basch or Chow then it’s a completely different story. From my perspective, the biggest advantage the 5-star magic tanks have over the 4-star ones is actually gear selection. Msytea and Shylt are both typical mage-type units with access to gear corresponding to that archetype – staves, robes, etc.. This means they can’t innately equip heavy armor or shields. This is a big deal considering how much elemental resist shields often have. Recent trials and esper battles have magic tanks needing to soak up large amounts of elemental damage. Not being able to equip shields means not being able to stack resists as effectively.

Back in my guide on Raegen, I mentioned at the end it might be worth doing the step-up for that 30% 5-star ticket. If you’re lacking a 5-star base tank, now might be a good time to use that! If you’ve been logging in everyday this month, we’re also getting two 10% 5-star tickets and one 30% 5-star ticket to help you pull Awakened Rain before his banner disappears.

Best of luck to all those hoping to add Awakened Rain to their FFBE collection!

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