New FFBE Unit Raegen Guide And Review

The official “dad” of the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius cast, Raegen, makes his way into the game with the latest update. Raegen is a pretty interesting unit in that he’s a damage dealer with a lot of utility moves. While far from being one of the strongest characters in the game, the fact that he can chain with some of the most popular chaining families while also bringing a lot of utility, makes him a very solid unit that can easily fit a large variety of team compositions. Is he worth summoning? Let’s take a look at what he can do for your team.

cg-raegen FFBE


Offensive Skills

Right off the bat, Raegen gets innate Dual Wield. This powerful passive skill allows him to attack twice with any ability allowing him to do double damage. The fact that he gets it as a fresh 5-star makes him very useful for beginners who may be lacking other sources of the skill. It also allows him to jack his ATK up higher through accessories or materia that would have otherwise been used for the dual wield skill.

Raegen also gets access to 50% increased ATK for all bladed weapons: short swords, swords, katanas, and large swords. Right out of the box, that’s a 100% increase to ATK as long as you equip him with one of each type of weapon.

Defensive Skills

Raegen is a relatively beefy damage dealer. He has a 30% HP boost and an ability called “Clear Will” which gives him a 1800 HP regen, a 10% MP refresh, and 2 LB crysts per turn.

Active Skills

As I mentioned earlier, Raegen’s kit has a bit of both damage and utility. The first move worth mentioning, “Instant Flash” is an AoE physical damage attack that restores 18 MP to all allies. With Dual Wield, he’s actually hitting twice and restoring 36 MP to the whole team including himself! Considering that the ability only costs him 15 MP, he’ll essentially never run out of mana.

He also has another utility/damage move in “Soul Blazer” which is a 1.8X physical damage attack that boosts your party’s resistance to fire, water, wind, earth, light, and dark by 50% for 3 turns. This a very respectable resistance buff that could be very useful if you’re facing an enemy that deals several different types of elemental damage.

Raegen also has access to a 3-turn 40% full break with his “Mountain Dive” ability. While not a very powerful break, it’s relevant enough that it might save your team if your primary debuffer is unable to do his job one turn.

Raegen can even buff your team. “Hero’s Edge” is an 2.4x AoE attack that also provides a 3-turn 60% buff to all stats. He also has another ability which super buffs himself. “Complete Awakening” grants him a 3-turn 200% buff to all stats, 30% damage reduction, 6000 HP heal with a 15x coefficient, and a 20 MP refresh with a 0.2x coefficient. This ability, coupled with “Clear Will” makes Raegen one of the least team-dependent attackers currently in the game. He can buff himself, heal his own HP and MP, and even passively generate his own LB crysts!

Finally, “Blades of Azure Crimson” allows Raegen to chain with the “Divine Ruination” family of attackers including Enhanced Agrias, Orlandeau, Dark Veritas, and enhanced Fryevia. This 7 hit attack also reduces a foe’s resistance to fire and ice by 60% for 3 turns.

Raegen is the physical damage dealer that arguably has the best magic tools at his disposal. He has access to “Raise” allowing him to revive fallen comrades, Curaga to heal his allies, and most importantly, he can provide 70% resistances to ice and fire for 3 turns with Barblizzaga and Barfiraga.

Limit Burst

Raegen’s ridiculously named LB, “Darkness Purging Blades of Azure Crimson” is very potent. At max level, it does a 12x AoE attack that also reduces fire and ice resistance by 100% for 3 turns. Thanks to his innate +2 LB cryst per turn from “Clear Will“, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty managing to keep this debuff up consistently. It’s also animated with CGI and looks super cool. Check out the video below.

Trust Master Reward

Raegen’s TMR is BiS for any attacker that dual wields. “Hero’s Vow – Dark” grants 30% ATK boosts for wielding short swords, swords, katanas, and large swords. Equip any combination of these and you’ll have a 60% ATK increase. It also grants the user a 50% boost to the LB fill rate.


Raegen isn’t a meta-defining unit, but the guy sure does bring a lot to the table. Aside from chaining with other DR units, he can do all of the following: heal, revive, break, imperil, boost elemental resistances, and provide stat buffs. That’s a lot of stuff!

With 7-star right around the corner, whether or not you should pull depends on where you are in the game.

For beginners, Raegen is definitely worth dropping significant resources to pickup because of the sheer amounts of flexibility he can bring to your team comp. The fact that he has innate Dual Wield will also help you spread your dual wield-providing equipment around to other units.

For players who’ve been playing for over 6 months, it really depends on what units you’ve pulled so far. If you already have two DR chainers, he might not be worth investing resources in. If you’re lacking Basch or Chow, you might want to wait a little for Awakened Rain, who will be one of the strongest magic tanks in the game.

For veterans who’ve been playing for more than a year, you’ve probably built up enough of a unit pool where it’s generally not worth pulling for Raegen. If you’ve got your eyes set for a particular limited-unit though, you might want to consider investing 3000 lapis in the step-up just to get the 30% 5-star ticket. If you get lucky, you might just end up pulling the guy along the way!

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