Darkest Dungeon DLC The Color Of Madness Out Now

Darkest Dungeon has been a sleeper hit for a while now and takes great pride in torturing the player at every single opportunity. Great news comes for fans of the game as a new expansion has just launched called The Color of Madness which brings tons of new features to the game.

For the un initiated, Darkest Dungeon is a game where you scrape together a ragtag team of different units which you use to explore dungeons. The dungeons are explored in a sidescrolling manner and while in dungeons you will discover various points of interest and a wide arrange of enemies. The combat is fought in a turn-based strategical system that rewards position and knowledge of the enemy.


On a surface level, the game sounds very unoriginal but the game throws in a neat little mechanic called stress. Your units are not fearless heroes and thus entering these dungeons exposes them to enormous amounts of fear. Once they reached a certain stress level they’ll forever be changed will gain personality traits such as paranoid or abusive. If they really become too scared while in the dungeons they simply die of a heart attack. This makes the game a challenging struggle between pushing your units forward through increasingly scarier dungeons while keeping their mental health in check.


The new expansion introduces an entirely new area for you to discover called The Farmstead. A mysterious shard of alien origin has crashed into the farmstead changing the entire region. It is now up to you to defend the Hamlet from waves of enemies in an endless quest format. This format is entirely new to the game bringing something new and refreshing to an already challenging game. There are also 3 new bosses introduced in the expansion that you will most likely encounter while battling your way through the endless quest mode. These bosses are The Miller, The Thing From The Stars and The Comet.

Besides these main features, there will also be a whole lot of other features introduced to the game such as new curios, trinkets, districts, and traits. Sadly no new classes are introduced with the expansion but we can’t get everything.  The DLC is out right now. The base game is also on sale on Steam at the moment for people who are interested but have not yet picked it up.

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