CD Projekt Red Reveals A Grittier Gwent With Gwent Homecoming

CD Projekt Red has been on a roll lately. Not only have they finally revealed Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay, they also a 30 hours standalone story RPG for Gwent called Thronebreaker. Now they have also revealed a video that contains a lot more details on the card game itself and how different it will be with the release of Gwent: Homecoming.

The developers released a new video with details on Gwent Homecoming at the Fourth Gwent Challengers tournament. Most of the changes that are being made to the game are visual and quality of life changes although a few changes to the gameplay will be made and have been revealed.

The first thing that you will notice is how completely different everything looks. Although the art on the cards has remained the same for most cards, everything else looks pretty different.  The cards look a lot slicker, with thinner edges and less information covering the art of the cards. This makes them all stand out way more and removes a lot of visual clutter. Silver cards have also been removed entirely due to a new provisions system which means that decks can only have 30 cards now.

The entire background that you will during games has also changed drastically. It’s much darker and thematic than before. According to the two presenters, this was done to make the game feel a lot more like the Witcher 3. They wanted to go with a dark and gritty aesthetic so that players would remember where Gwent originated.

Another notable change is that the faction leaders are now present on the board with 3D models. In the video we only get to see one faction, which is the monster faction, so we get to see two of the leaders from that faction. We see Unseen Elder and the Woodland spirit square of against each other and it honestly looks way cooler now that we can actually see their 3D models.

So far the changes to Gwent look pretty amazing. Everything looks way more polished than when the game was first released and it might have been a very positive thing for the devs to pull the game and work on it for a while, despite the initial backlash. The community has also responded quite positively and the changes seem to be pretty widely regarded as improvements for the game. Now all we have to do is wait for CD Projekt Red to announce when Gwent Homecoming be released.

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