Destiny 2 Warmind Launch Trailer Released

Destiny 2 Warmind Release Trailer

The second DLC for Destiny 2 is set for release today, May 8th, on PS4, PC, and Xbox. Bungie have risen to the occasion and released a launch trailer detailing what’s on offer with the new expansion.

Hellas Basin, a new area on the thawing polar cap on Mars takes center stage, exposing the eponymous Warmind Rasputin. The melting ice – caused by Golden Age warsats plummeting into the planet – also reveals a long forgotten Hive army intent on destroying the core of the Warmind.

As well as an abundance of all-new weapons and gear, the expansion also offers a new story line gravitating around the exploits of a certain Guardian named Ana Bray. You must assist Ana – through a series of missions and adventures – to understand her past, seek answers, and defeat the Hive’s deity – Xol a terrifying worm-like creature – and protect the Warmind Rasputin.

Other content includes a new end-game ritual named Escalation Protocol, which is fundamentally a horde-like wave clearing activity. As the trailer succinctly puts it, ‘’The longer you live, the stronger they get.’’ The Escalation Protocol event is triggered by players and is made up of seven waves. Upon completion, expect a haul of various new weapons and gear.

A new Spire of Stars raid lair is available on the Leviathan and can be tackled with a Fireteam of up to six guardians. Destiny 2 Warmind also includes two strikes for PC and Xbox players. Will of the Thousands has you infiltrating the Rasputin core to protect its neural network from a formidable enemy, while Strange Terrain delves deep underneath Hellas Basin to face the Hive Prince, the Herald of Xol.

Destiny 2 Warmind Release Trailer

A third Sony exclusive strike for PS4 owners, named The Insight Terminus, is also on offer. Crucible maps Meltdown and Solitude are also included in the expansion. Additionally, Destiny 2 Warmind includes themed gear such as the Valkyrie relic weapon, the Worldline Zero exotic sword, and the Polaris Lance exotic scout rifle.

The DLC goes live around midday Pacific Time, or the early hours of the morning in Asia. Destiny 2 Warmind is available through Bungie’s expansion pass or individually.

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