Path Of Exile: Betrayal Is The Most Ambitious PoE Expansion Yet

Path of Exile fans had been waiting with anticipation for what GGG would reveal as the next Path of Exile update and now it is finally here. Path of Exile: Betrayal. Take a look at the awesome trailer with which it was announced.

In the Betrayal league, you will be assisting Jun Ortoi with taking down a mysterious syndicate called the Immortal Syndicate. You will help her with manipulating the organization which you can do in a variety of ways, such as bargaining, interrogations, and executions. All syndicate members have different personalities, friendships, and rivalries which you will have to uncover and exploit.


Once you have gained enough intelligence on the leaders of the different divisions of the Immortal Syndicate it’s time to raid their safehouses. The divisions within the Immortal Syndicate are the Fortification divisions, Transportation division, Research division, and Intervention division. Each safehouse and division will store different items and you will gain different rewards depending on which safehouse you plundered. Your rewards will also increase if you’ve manipul ated certain members into certain positions although it’s not explained how this will exactly work.


Immortal Syndicate members that you defeat have a chance of dropping a new kind of item called a veiled item. As the name indicates, the stats on these items are veiled. You will have to take them back to Jun Ortoi who will unveil them for you and allow you to pick from three different sets of stats. As you unveil specific modifiers you will also learn how to craft these on other items, so the more you unveil the better.

Besides these main features, there are also a whole bunch of other features coming with the new update such as new masters, updated mastercrafting, and updated hideout system where your hideout is shared across all leagues, entirely new end-game maps, new and updated skills, and new items. With the new update Path of Exile will also be released on the PlayStation 4 as was already expected after the game’s PS4 rating were leaked in Taiwan.

The Betrayal expansion is definitely the most ambitious expansion of Path of Exile so far. It looks like the developers have really knocked it out of the park and I personally can’t wait to play the expansion when it comes out.

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