Monster Hunter X Final Fantasy Collab Announced At E3

Monster Hunter Final Fantasy Collab

Two of the biggest game developers, Capcom and Square Enix, announced an epic collaboration at E3: Monster Hunter World x Final Fantasy XIV. Check out the teaser trailer for the Monster Hunter side below.

HYPE! As a huge fan of both Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy, this is the collab of my dreams! From what we can see in the trailer, Final Fantasy XIV’s Behemoth descends on Monster Hunter World’s Elder’s Recess stage. Capcom went all out with the size of Behemoth as it’s so big it appears to be chewing on a Deviljho! A cactuar from Final Fantasy also makes an appearance in the trailer, but it’s unclear what exactly its role will be in the collab event.


Here’s the trailer for the Final Fantasy side of the collab.


To tell you the truth, I haven’t played Final Fantasy XIV in a long while. I played it back when it was originally rereleased in it’s “A Realm Reborn” form and absolutely loved it. Due to a random life coincidence, I happened to have a huge amount of free time when it came out and I just grinded the hell out of it. I was among the first group of players to hit max level on my server and after playing it for a few months, I gave it up because I wasn’t a fan of the end game content at the time.

From the trailer, it’s hard to make out a lot of details but from I can gather, it looks like Rathalos will be making an appearance as either a FATE or a trial boss. I’d love to see more monsters in the event and am eager to hear more updates on the types of unique loot that players will be able to obtain by participating in it.

This epic collab starts summer 2018. If the Final Fantasy side of it looks good, it might be about time for me to make a return to Eorzea!


Featured Image Credits: Square Enix

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