Play As A Huge, Affable Ghost In New PS VR Title ‘Ghost Giant’

Exclusive PS VR Game ‘Ghost Giant’ Revealed

With only two days to go until PlayStation’s E3 showcase, Sony has unveiled the latest entry in its five day countdown, the whimsical PS VR title Ghost Giant. As has become a trend with this week’s events, the announcement included a trailer revealing what Ghost Giant is all about.

Taking on the role of a gentle giant, players are dropped into the quaint world of Louis, a lonesome cat struggling with the trials of existence and the tasks of everyday life. He spends his days caring for his family’s farm alongside his mother, but yearns most for a friend. Ghost Giant is a celebration of unlikely friendships and how help can often come from the most unlikely of sources.

Exclusive PS VR Game ‘Ghost Giant’ Revealed

The VR take is rather unique in that players don’t take on the role of the main protagonist, instead they act as a ghostly sidekick of incredible size who provides more than just physical help to Louis. By lifting cars, displacing scenery, and exploring buildings, players help Louis navigate the charmingly cute and cartoon-ish world developer Zoink Games have crafted for us to play around in. Zoink Games have some pedigree in that respect being responsible for the equally enchanting Fe.

In terms of actual mechanics, Zoink creative director Olov Redmalm elaborates ‘use your see-through hands to lift furniture, vehicles and trees. You can even rotate and open entire buildings to reveal the stories going on inside. The picturesque town of Sancourt becomes your own little dollhouse sandbox.’

Exclusive PS VR Game ‘Ghost Giant’ Revealed

Ghost Giant has a strong narrative slant as well, having enlisted the words of Swedish writer Sara Bergmark Elfgren to weave a world rich with stories that evolve based on the players physical actions. The overarching arc focuses on how a relationship forms, from wariness to affection. Uncovering the origins of the ghost is also hinted at in the trailer, which is overall a remarkably sweet affair.

As it stands, there’s no word on a release date. Check out the delightful trailer for Ghost Giant below.

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