First Battletech DLC “Flashpoint” Arrives In November

Paradox Interactive has announced the very first Battletech DLC that we will receive. The DLC is called Flashpoint and will arrive in November. Hopefully, this is the first out of many as the game is absolutely fantastic for any strategy gamer or fan of the original board game.

The trailer gave us a first look at one of the three new mechs that will be coming when the game is released, the highly anticipated Hatchetman. Having the Hatchetman in the game is quite a big deal as it would be the first ‘real’ melee mech in the game. Although most mechs present in the game could be built to perform melee combat very decently, the Hatchetman is actually a BattleMech that was part of the melee class in the original board game. Having Hatchetman in the game could perhaps mean that we will see some other melee mechs as well although we already know that the other two mechs will be the Crab and the Cyclops, neither of them being melee focused.


Besides three new mechs, the DLC also provides a variety of new story scenarios for you to play through. Since the people that really adore the game have more than likely played through all of the content by now, maybe even multiple times, some new stories are definitely appreciated. The developers also put more variety into the game with the introduction of a new biome, a tropical beach. Expect lush and sunny environments with a laidback atmosphere and some small hints of alien interference. Lastly, a new encounter will be added to the game in which you have to take control of three areas on the map in order to prevail.


More variety is something that Battletech could really use which this DLC can hopefully bring to the game. Although the core game is by no means a bad game, it can get a tad repetitive if you put enough hours in. However, if Paradox Interactive steadily releases some DLC for the game over the years it could quickly turn into one of the best strategy games that has ever been made.


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