Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Video Lands Later Today

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Video Lands Later On Today

To your battle stations boys and girls, it’s really happening. In truly craze-inducing last minute fashion, Rockstar has announced an official gameplay video of Red Dead Redemption 2 will drop later today. As for the details, Rockstar is live streaming the video on its very own site, on its YouTube and Twitch channels, and via the official Rockstar Facebook page at 11am ET, 4pm BST, or 11pm HKT.

As for what the video is set to contain, Rockstar is being understandably guarded and has revealed absolutely nothing about setting, characters, or whether we’ll get a taste of a quest, for example. With less than a day to wait, the developer can be forgiven for the slight.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Video Lands Later On Today

If for some unfathomable reason you’ve completely bypassed the trifecta of previously released trailers, you’ve got just enough time to catch up and do your homework in anticipation of tomorrow.

Each trailer offers a little more insight into the vibe of the sequel as well as revealing the identity of the main characters. The three trailers are cinematic, explaining why today’s video is such an event in what has seemed like an interminable, and delayed, build up to launch. This is the first time we’ll see Red Dead Redemption 2 in action. We’ve conveniently added the trailers below for your viewing ease.

As for the full release, the clock is ticking down nicely to October 26th when Red Dead Redemption 2 lands on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Though no PC version has been announced, persistent clamor from PC advocates should startle Rockstar into a PC port at some point, especially if we consider the upheaval surrounding the original never reaching the platform.

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