Undertale Creator Releases Deltarune But It Might Not Even Be A Game

Yesterday the official Undertale account asked fans to return in 24 hours since it had something that the fans wanted. Most fans, and me, immediately speculated that it could be a new Undertale game, be it a sequel, prequel, or DLC. Now, 24 hours after the original Tweet, a game called Deltarune has launched which is Toby Fox’s latest oddity.


The game, if you can even call it a game, is definitely a bit peculiar so it fits right up Undertale’s alley. I have not played enough of the game yet to fully form an opinion on what it exactly is, but if you loved Undertale as much I did then you’re bound to enjoy Deltarun as well. The game kinda feels like a survey or investigation to find out what Undertale fans want Toby Fox to create next. Deltarune is also quite a funny name for the game as it’s both an anagram for Undertale, but is also a reference to the Delta Rune.


The game is also completely free so there’s no need to be up on the fence about it. If you’ve played and enjoyed Undertale, just download Deltarune!

Note that the warnings on the website are definitely not for nothing. If you’re on Windows PC you have to actually override your security system in order to install the game. Toby Fox has Tweeted out a useful guide from his personal Twitter account.

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