Riot Is Working On Clash But Says To Be Patient

Riot Games had recently announced their new exciting tournament mode called Clash. The game mode was set to be released last week and had a large amount of hype surrounding it, but the much anticipated launch went horribly wrong. Riot had quickly announced that the game mode was cancelled until further notice, and as a consolation prize they decided to unlock the popular ‘ARURF’ game mode for the time being.

The Clash game mode would allow players to create teams with their friends or with strangers, and take on other teams in a tournament format. This is the first time in League of Legends where players that do not have the skill to become professional players could still experience tournament play. A lot of players were excited for the game mode and the opportunity to play League in a tournament setting. It wasn’t long before all that excitement turned into disappointment as the game mode had been cancelled across all regions.



Riot has now written a developer update in which they explain why they had to cancel the game mode and what the future of clash will be. When the game mode went live in Oceania and the Philippines they released that a huge number of teams were not able to get into games and were automatically receiving losses because of this. They had not seen this happen during internal testing in any region and was thus an unforeseen issue.


They quickly tried to identify the problem and find a solution before the tournament mode went live in the other servers around the world, but failed to do so in time and thus had to make the decision to cancel the game mode at the last second. Players that have already spent their tournament tickets and took the time to make premade teams are being compensated by Riot.

Riot has said that they have been able to identify the issues, but want to be 100% certain that the game mode will work before before setting a new release date. After they’re certain they have resolved the issue they will test the game in beta servers around the world, and if all goes well, announce a global release.

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