10 Strongest Mages For League Of Legends Late Game Carries

Below is the list of top 10 strongest mages in League of Legends (LoL) that can be your late game carriers. Let’s see who they are.

Top 10 mages as late game carrier in LoL – No. 10

lol lux s8

Lux’s late game potential is way up there among all mages of League of Legends. Lux can protect herself and her teammates very well with Prismatic Barrier (W) while her Q – Light Binding is a great offfensive ability. Use Q precisely on enemy core champions to hold them down for 2 seconds and the victory should be on your side. At Level 16, Lux’s R – Final Spark has only 50 seconds CD and 50% CD refund, that’s really something. If you use it right, you can use it again after just a short period of time.

Top 10 mages as late game carrier in LoL –  No. 9

lol Karthus s8

Karthus becomes extremely dangerous towards late game. With Defile (E) maxed out and suitable items equipped, Karthus is capable of dealing an enormous amount of damage over time in an area. Furthermore, Karthus can use W – Wall of Pain to reduce enemy units’ movement speed and magic resistance to make it even more painful dealing with Delfie and then it’s easier for him to use Lay Waste (Q) successfully. And finally, his R – Requiem is still available to finish off any survivor managed to get out of Delfie’s area of effect. It’s not strange to see Karthus among the champions that get the most Penta kills in League of Legends


Top 10 mages as late game carrier in LoL – No. 8

lol Kassadin s8

Kassadin – The Void Walker should not be looked down on in any case when it’s already late game. Having had all core items equipped, Kassadin can do a lot of things with his Riftwalk (R): initiate, engage, escape/chase or quickly kill off a target. Kassadin is a mage but can play like an assassin, take on the mission of assassinating a target, solo push, harass side lanes. It’s hard to track down and kill Kassadin if there’s still mana left on her.

Top 10 mages as late game carrier in LoL – No. 7

lol ryze s8

Ryze has been one of the best late game mages for a long time. Of course the outcome still depends on your item building and skills but it’s true that Ryze’s overall stats, whether it’s defensive or offensive is perfect for him to become a late game carrier. With his abilities, Ryze can combo to deal AoE damage, protect himself from harm or finish off a low health target quickly and easily. You can also use Ryze’s Realm Warp for many uses to make a difference on teamfights.

Top 10 mages as late game carrier in LoL – No. 6


lol Vladimir s8

You may see Vladimir as a mage but he’s durable like a real tank. Vladimir use Q – Transfusion to deal damage and heal him at the same time while Sanguine Pool (W) allows him to join a fight by jumping right into it. And Vladimir’s ultimate? Using Hemoplague (R) precisely, hitting 3-4 targets and you’ll get the upper hand.

Top 10 mages as late game carrier in LoL – No. 5

lol Anivia s8

Anivia can deal a lot of damage over time with just her R – Glacial Storm. The ability also slows down enemy champions in the area of effect. Besides, Anivia has two more crowd control abilities: Q – Flash Frost (stun) and W – Crystallize (airborne). Anivia’s E – Frostbite can make a good combo with either her Q or R, dealing a lot lot of damage.

Top 10 mages as late game carrier in LoL – No. 4

lol Cassiopeia s8

Cassiopeia, though can’t deal AoE damage as good as Anivia, is famous for her damage over time from her E – Twin Fang. Along with Q – Noxious Blast and passive ability Serpentine Grace, Cassiopeia can easily position herself in teamfights to have more advantage and use abilities more at ease. Cassiopeia is also in possession of crowd control abilities W – Miasma and R – Petrifying Gaze to assist her team more by controlling enemy champions.

Top 10 mages as late game carrier in LoL – No. 3

lol Azir s8

Unlike other mages, Azir does not have to bother about cooldowns. He can constantly deal damage on enemy with his sand soliders by using W – Arise! Which has only 1.5 cooldown second. With high damage output and far enough range, Azir should be able to make impact on teamfights without getting too close. Emperor’s Divide (R) of Azir shields and protects him effectively, but Azir may want to use the ability to initiate in some cases too.

Top 10 mages as late game carrier in LoL – No. 2

lol Kayle s8

Having geared with enough core items, Kayle can just use E – Righteous Fury to give her enemy “hell”. As a hybrid Kayle, her opponents should have a hard time find a way to counter her attacks. In addition, Kayle’s W – Divine Blessing and R – Intervention are meant to protect her against enemy’s attacks in teamfights.

Top 10 mages as late game carrier in LoL – No. 1

lol Veigar s8

The number one of this list belongs to no one else but Veigar. The longer the match gets, the more ability power Veigar can gain and hence, the stronger he is. It’s not rare to see a Veigar with almost 1500 AP at 35, 40 minute mark. And such high AP, Veigar can instantly kill off an target with his R – Primordial Burst. Veigar has another powerful ability, an crowd control ability, it’s his E – Event Horizon.

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