LoL Patch 8.13: Top Champions To Climb Rank With

This article will help shine a light on patch 8.13 of League of Legends‘ top champions for you to climb rank with. Let’s take a look.

Top Lane champions – Patch 8.13


LoL Patch 8.13

With the ever-changing metagame, champions that don’t get much changes tend to stay in the list of top champions to pick in the early stage of the patch. Garen is one of them but not only because his stability, he’s now very strong in the top lane in patch 8.13.

Garen’s already high durability is increased significantly with Resolve path. To face off against Garen in top lane is like a nightmare for any other champion as they can hardly deal damage to Garen. With R – Demacian Justice’s high damage output (magic damage/true damage) available, Garen can end his enemy’s life in an instant taking advantage of their mistakes.


Fiora is a similar case to Garen. In patch 8.13, Fiora remains as she was before. That and other champions’ nerfs bring Fiora back to the Field of Justice.

Fiora’s strongest point is still her true damage dealing ability. With Conqueror rune converting damage to true damage, the amount of true damage Fiora can deal to enemy champions is even higher, making her scarier in 1v1 fights. Master Fiora first and the laning phase is all yours.

Jungle champions – Patch 8.13


Without doubt, Nocturne is this patch’s best jungler. Nocturne has been in the spotlight since patch 8.5 with constant buffs, especially the change made to his ultimate Paranoia – increase its duration – which makes him much scarier now.

In patch 8.13, with Nocturne’s top rivals like Xinzhao and Graves being nerfed, he’s now ranked even higher in the list.


Kindred is making his comeback to League of Legends’ pro scene, right in recent LCK, being played by kt Rolster’s jungler – Score.

Kindred used to dominate jungle and was the number one jungle champion when he was first introduced to the game. But then the heavy nerfs from Riot came, pushed him away from the top tier. Kindred has been getting buff after buff ever since but has not really recovered.

He “resurfaced” in patch 8.12 recently and with patch 8.13 deployed, he’s officially back as a strong jungle champion.

Mid Lane champions – Patch 8.13


Zed is not often seen in tournaments but he’s wildly popular in ranked solo queue where he’s either picked or banned.

Zed is strong for his sneaky playstyle. As an assassin, Zed usually chooses to take on a single target. Now that in this patch, ADs put more stress on farming than before, Zed can put his skill set and playstyle in use, hunt down the uncautious ADs.


Zoe has always been there in the top tier of Mid Lane champs regardless of the metas.

Since Zoe’s debut, she can be seen in Field of Justice very often. She could deal damage very well, in very unexpected ways then and Riot had to change that a bit to balance Zoe but she’s here to stay.

Marksman champions – Patch 8.13


There’s another comeback made in patch 8.13 and it’s Jinx’s. Jinx is sort of a hyper team carrier that is forgotten for a long while.

In this patch, Jinx’s Q – Switcheroo! is buffed, its rocket crit damage is increased to 220%. Stormrazor is now a very viable option for Jinx too.


The aggressive, fiery, manly Draven has always been here among the hot picks of solo ranked matchmaking.

His “YOLO” playstyle is favored by many League players. Draven is very good in laning phase, capable of suppressing his opponent in the same lane by not only his abilities but also the basic attacks. League of Draven – his passive enables him to farm really fast with the bonus gold.


Swain currently has very high win rate as a marksman.

Swain is very efficient towards mid/late game and for that he’s still popular as a damage dealer. Crowd control is also Swain’s strong point, his enemy will have a hard time escaping from him or trying to attack and finish him quickly.

Support champions – Patch 8.13


Fiddlesticks is on the rise as a useful support champ with the effects his abilities can do to enemy champions: silencing, fleeing. Fiddlesticks is quite annoying in laning phase. If you use Fiddlesticks in lane with a champion with high damage output like Hemeidinger or Moderkaiser, that would be “hell” for enemy champions that stay in that lane.


Don’t waste your time searching through the list of champions and just Brand right away if you are looking for a support champion that can carry your team, deal a lot of damage. Brand is originally a mage but is now more viable as a support. That’s life. But let’s not feel bad for Brand as he’s still as strong as ever. If there are so many counters for mid champs right now, stay in bot lane with Brand to harass your enemy with fire balls should be fun enough.

Like Fiddlesticks, Brand can party up with a high damage champion like Draven or Lucian to keep the enemy at bay.

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