Ambition And Crown Do Not Renew Their Contracts With Gen.G

Worlds attendees and former Worlds champions Ambition and Crown have officially left Gen.G, the organization with which they mentioned to win the World championship in 2017. SSG was the first team to ever beat SKT T1 in a best of 5 at Worlds and was the first team to deny Faker his chance of lifting the summer cup.

Both members had been with Gen.G for a while now, back when it was still a team owned by Samsung. Crown joined the team in 2015 after getting homesick when playing in Brazil and the old SSG would be his first ever LCK team. He was considered a pretty inconsistent mid laner when he just joined the team but worked on his flaws and quickly became one of the most consistent mid laners in the LCK, although never quite reaching Faker’s level of play.


Ambition has been playing in the LCK since season 1 and is thus one of the longest-playing players in the professional League of Legends scene. His experience and leadership skills in-game as well as outside of it were one of the primary reasons that the team managed to lift the Summoner’s Cup at the end of Worlds 2017. Ambition will most likely be picked up by another LCK team as his experience and years of consistent play is a quality that simply can’t be understated.


Although Gen.G made it to Worlds this year with the same roster that they won Worlds with in 2018, they performed very poorly. They were in a group together with RNG, C9, and Vitality and finished with a 1-5 record, only winning a single game against C9. Although they did not make it out of group stage this year, they will be remembered as the team that managed to take down SKT T1 in the finals of Worlds.

Hopefully, both Crown and Ambition can find new teams and new opportunities, however, considering Ambition’s age it also wouldn’t be too surprising if he decides to retire from competitive League. Gen.G have yet to make an announcement of their new jungler and mid laner and are most likely still actively searching for new players.

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