Top 15 Best FFBE Units By Role To Spend Serious Resources To Get

As you guys know from some of my other writeups on FFBE, I’m a big fan of the game. Here’s another thing about me: I’m morally opposed to spending on gatcha style/lootbox/gambling-esque games. On that note, it should come as no surprise that I’ve never spent a dollar on FFBE or any other gatcha game for that matter. Considering this to be the case, I’ve had absolutely no problems clearing any of the new content added to game within a few days. Honestly, how fast I clear things just depends on the amount of time I have available.

How do I do it? Conserving my resources and spending them wisely. In the end, if you want to clear all content, you need to have good units that can fill out all of the key roles. Here’s my list of current units (no limited time) that are worth spending your hard earned lapis on by role. Given that Gumi has been doing repeat banners lately, some of these units might make another appearance and you’ll get your chance to add them to your roster.

Physical Tank

Provoke: Wilhelm / Cagnazzo

If you have the gear, you can make just about any character an evade provoke tank now

. Having one plus a magic tank definitely makes trials a lot easier. Basically the idea is this, you gear up a provoke tank with a lot of evade gear who will take all the single target physical hits. With 100% evade gear, he will receive absolutely no damage from these attacks. Meanwhile, all magic damage is redirected to your magic cover tank keeping your squishy party members safe.

If you don’t have the gear, Wilhelm and Cagnazzo are definitely the best two units for this role. Their provoke skills have innate damage reduction making them extremely durable. Enhanced Willhelm’s is a solid 40% and 4 star Cagnazzo’s is a whopping 60%. 

AoE Cover: Basch / Warrior of Light

Warrior of Light FFBE
Warrior of Light Image Source: Final Fantasy Wiki

You also need to make sure you have an AoE cover tank. Basch is definitely the top of the line option as he is the only unit in the game right now that can cover both physical and magic damage. He’s definitely worth chasing if you are trying efficiently use your f2p resources.

A good 4 star substitute is Warrior of Light. Aside from his AoE cover, he can also do 45% AoE ATK/MAG breaks which will help mitigate the damage your team receives by a huge amount.

Magical Tank

Basch / Mystea / Shylt

As I said before, Basch is an f2p player’s best friend. He’s currently also one of the best magic tanks in the game due to the fact that his 5-star base gives him greater bulk than Mystea and Shylt who are both 4 star summons. At the end of the day, you need an AoE magic tank so if Basch has evaded you, Mystea and Shylt will do their job well enough to conquer current trials.



Rikku FFBE
Rikku Image Source: Final Fantasy Wiki

While an old unit, she’s still very good. Rikku definitely allowed me to beat a lot of content back in the day with her AoE auto-revive LB. If you’re just starting, she’s still a great support to pull for if her banner shows up again as in addition to her fantastic LB, she can provide your team with a 30% damage reduction buff. Her TMR is also amazing. It’s an accessory that provides a unit with three abilities: an LB generating ability, an AoE cure all ailments, and also a 30% full-break with a chance for 1 ailment. Rikku has definitely been one of the best investments I’ve made.


CG Fina / Ayaka

There’s no real budget option for a top tier healer. They’re the only two healers in the game right now with the most powerful healing spell – Curaja. Additionally, they can double cast reraise which gives you incredible turn flexibility. Being able to cast reraise on a tank followed by a curaja to full heal your whole team is just too good of a combo. No other healers in the game can do that right now.

Magical Damage

Trance Terra / Barbariccia / CG Sakura

The problem with damage dealers is that the difference between 4 star and 5 star base is extremely high. Considering some bosses completely resist physical damage it is necessary to have both strong physical and magic damage dealers. These three mages are the best investment you can get lapis-wise if you’re hoping to be able to clear all current and near-future content. Trance Terra enhancements just made her a complete monster. Barbi can chain with 3-star base Shantotto to do really powerful tornado chains. Lastly, while CG Sakura isn’t a magic chainer, she can do a truck load of damage just by herself.

Physical Damage

Sephiroth / Tidus / Orlandeau

Right now the physical damage kings are definitely Sephiroth and Tidus. While Orlandeau isn’t top dog anymore, he can still easily get the job done. The best thing about these three units is that they have easily summonable 3 and 4 star-base chaining partners. Sephiroth and Orlandeau can chain with Agrias. Tidus can chain with Camille.


Ultimately, FFBE is game that rewards patience. You don’t need to have every 5-star base to clear all content. Over time your units will get stronger and you will be able to beat everything. There are enough f2p guides available on YouTube and on the FFBE subreddit that prove this. Just take your time and try to piece together strong units for each key role. If you’re struggling to clear some content, there’s a good chance it’s because you’re missing an appropriate unit for a specific role. Best advice I can give pulling using resources on pulls: always invest into your weakest link, role-wise.

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