Sea Of Thieves: The Hungering Deep Content Revealed

Sea of Thieves has revealed the contents of their first DLC The Hungering Deep. The update is the first to come of 3 DLCs that the developers had announced shortly after launching the game. After The Hungering Deep we can expect Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shore. All of the DLCs aim at adding new content to the game and will be completely free.

The Hungering Deep was first teased with a teaser trailer last week, but did not reveal any content. In a recent developer update Rare, the studio behind Sea of Thieves, decided to give us a look at all the new features that they will be introducing to the game.


The first new feature is a limited time campaign in which you will discover the story of ‘Merry’ Merrick, the pirate that can be seen in the teaser trailer with two peg legs. The campaign will have you explore the seas as you find clues and riddles to slowly piece together the entire story, but watch out as something is lurking in the depths below.

Alongside the new campaign story they will introduce a whole bunch of new features for you to enjoy, that look to add more unique gameplay or interactions between pirate crews.

The first new feature is a new threat looming in the ocean. It can attack players at random while exploring and defeating it will save you for that encounter, but the threat won’t go away forever.


New tattoos and other cosmetics will be added in the expansion. The limited time cosmetics will run together with the event and will allow you to customize your pirate to a greater extend. The development team will keep close watch to see how many players are able to unlock the new cosmetics or if changes to unlocking them have to be made. There is also a new hull to customize your ship with.

There will also be new items added. The first new item is a new instrument, which comes in the form of a drum. The second new item is a speaker horn, which players can use to shout at other pirate crews. This item will definitely come in helpful for threatening other pirate crews or to surrender.

Flags are finally here. Now you can make your pirate ship even more piratey by putting that Jolly Roger flag on top of it, or you quickly wave a white flag if you don’t mean to fight.

Overall the new expansion seems to add more content that fans of the game have been craving for, since lot of the complaints with the base game were that it was lacking in content. The new expansion is out on May 29, so be sure to check out that sweet limited campaign while you can.

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