Switch Hacker Brings Back Virtual Console By Force

Nintendo announced last week that they had no plans to bring back Virtual Console for the Switch or a unified eShop for that matter. Instead, they apparently think that making 20 NES games available for play through its online subscription service would suffice. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of fans who crave access to retro games on the Switch, this is far from acceptable. Given Nintendo’s long list of seemingly bizarre business decisions, I personally am not surprised with how out of touch they are with consumer demand.


It’s for this reason that a lot of Nintendo fans have begun creating mods and other homebrews that rectify these seemingly no-brainer business moves . One such person, Sam Breadman, just shared some of his progress on his attempt to add an SNES virtual console to the Switch. The video he released shows a cleanly designed and smooth running UI. At the moment, none of the games are in a playable condition, but the video does give you a good idea of how they would be expected to run.

Nintendo Switch Hacked
Here’s an idea of what the UI looks like. Image Source: Youtube


The interesting thing about Breadman’s take on incorporating an SNES virtual console is that unlike some of the other methods of hacking the Switch, this one does not require the device to be jailbroken. You need to use a method currently known as Pegaswitch

which involves installing a toolkit onto an SD card. This is great because current jailbreaking methods usually require you to open the device up,so this is a much simpler workaround. The only catch is that it requires the user to be running Switch on firmware 3.0.0. Any higher than that and it won’t work.

Ultimately, a significant enough number of fans want to be able to play classic games on the Switch and Nintendo is completely failing at coming up with a logical service to meet this demand. It’s really only a matter of time before a fully functioning unofficial method becomes available. In essence, Nintendo could be making money from supplying the demand, but would rather not. As most consumers would generally prefer paying for something official that works well, it really boggles my mind that Nintendo just won’t give them what they want.

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