In City Miner: Mineral War, You Mine To Save Humanity

City Miner: Mineral War is a mobile RPG game with earth running out of mineral resources as the setting of it. The lacking of mineral resources somehow led to a strange worldwide epidemic and you have to go on a hunting for mineral resources journey to save everyone.


In City Miner: Mineral War, there are several areas, checkpoints on the World Map for players to look for and collect resources. Along the way, you might encounter both deadly traps which you have to dodge using your movement skills or enemy forces that you can fight back with suitable weapons.

The game have a crafting system which allows you to craft equiments from the resources. Each successful mission gives your character experiene points to level up and raise stats. There is no restriction on how you should progress your character, it all depends on your strategy and choices and that’s what makes City Miner: Mineral War

a good RPG game.

City Miner: Mineral War has the familiar 8/16 bit art style of the likes of Minecraft, Unturned which looks very simple and retro but the game itself is geared with good story and gameplay which would be enough to pull you in and entertain you for a long while.

Download & Play City Miner: Mineral War: Here.

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