Activision Is Partnering With Tencent To Make New CoD Game

Call of Duty

Tencent, the parent company behind Riot Games, is partnering with Activision to bring a new Call of Duty game to Chinese audiences. This title is a new mobile entry in the CoD franchise and strictly targeted towards gamers in China. According to PocketGamer, the game will be a “free-to-play mobile title and will feature a collection of Call of Duty characters, maps, modes and weapons from across the franchise.”

Image Source: VG247


The game will be developed by one of Tencent’s top mobile studios, “Timi.” CoD general manager Rob Kostich noted that the two companies would be partnering to “develop a fun and original Call of Duty experience that delivers superb gameplay and mechanics to mobile players.” This statement is exciting in that making a 1st person shooter on mobile feel natural isn’t easy and it will be interesting to see what Tencent and Activision are able to come up with. So far, many different gaming companies have had different takes on trying to make it work with none being widely considered a “success.”

Just take a look at the mobile version of Fortnite. Numerous videos have been made on YouTube discussing the poor controls. While a relatively recent patch made things better, it still feels pretty awkward.

Then again, maybe Chinese developers have already released 1st person shooter games on mobile with solid control schemes. Either way, it will be very interesting to see how Timi handles the issue and whether or not they actually deliver gameplay and mechanics that can truly be defined as “superb.”

The expected release date for the new CoD game is sometime within the next few months. We’ll be sure to update you when more info is announced. Stay tuned!



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