Westland Survival – A Western-Themed Mobile Survival Game

What is Westland Survival?

Westland Survival is a mobile survival game setting in the American Old West where you will take the role of a Western cowboy.

There’s no laws, no morality here and there are many outlaws active in the whole area.

All by yourself, you have to explore, collect resources and try to survive here in this extremely harsh land.


Westland Survival

You have a life to live in Westland Survival as you have to build a house, plant crops to harvest for food, collect resources/materials to craft the essential tools for your needs.

There are the natives live around the land if you want to trade for special materials that you cannot collect by yourself.

But fulfilling all your basic needs is not all there is in Westland Survival. Be prepared to fight against the aggressive outlaws or the wild animals by stocking up guns & ammos, food, …. Remember that you can be attacked anytime without any forewarning so don’t let your guard down easily.


Westland Survival’s graphics looks brilliant. Everything in-game is so detailed and have this Western-ish look that you can make out easily even if you’re not a fan of the genre to begin with. The game features very smooth control system so that you will have no difficulty moving around, engaging in combats or retreating, etc.

After all, it’s a survival game that gives you a lot of freedom. Just play it the way you want, enjoy it the way you like!

Download Westland Survival for Android/iOS.

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