Sephiroth Makes His Debut In Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

If you play FFBE, this Friday is the moment all Final Fantasy VII  fans have been waiting for – Sephiroth finally makes his appearance! The news first broke a day ago on the official Youtube FFBE channel with their 20th update video.

His arrival also brings to the global version of “Final Fantasy Brave Exvius” its first “step up” banner. For those who don’t follow updates from the Japanese version of the game which is about 9 months ahead of global, step up banners involve getting specific bonuses each time you spend lapis (the in-game currency) towards summoning a new unit. In this particular case, the Sephiroth banner is a 25,000 lapis banner and players get rewarded each time they spend 5000 lapis on summoning. The rewards this time around are as follows:

  • Step 1: 10% Trust Moogle (ALL)
  • Step 2: Guaranteed 4★ Shylt
  • Step 3: Guaranteed 5★ Unit (Random Unit)
  • Step 4: 10% Chance 5★ Unit Ticket
  • Step 5: Guaranteed Sephiroth OR Lila

In the Japanese version of this banner, the step up bonuses were quite different and this has caused a significant amount of controversy among global players.

Here’s the rewards they received in comparison:

  • Step 1: 10% Trust Moogle
  • Step 2: 5★ Rate x1.5
  • Step 3: Guaranteed 5★
  • Step 4: 5★ Rate x2 + Guaranteed Silt
  • Step 5: 5★ Rate x3 + Guaranteed Sephiroth OR Lila

One of the most upvoted threads on the FFBE subreddit criticizes in particular how the GL version of the game’s 4th step up is of seemingly lower value than the 3rd step up. As rewards should increase as you go up in steps, this seems rather illogical.

Ultimately, it’s Sephiroth we’re talking about – fans are still going to pull. So, what exactly are your chances at summoning him if you throw in the full 25,000 lapis? Reddit’s u/Obikin89 has provided an analysis of the banner here and calculated the odds to be 75% assuming you can only perform the full 5 steps once. In the Japanese version, players could complete the full step-up three times, however Gumi hasn’t released any information yet confirming this to be the case for the global version of FFBE.

FFBE Sephiroth

To all the players planning to go all out in an attempt to snag Sephiroth and his 150 ATK Katana TMR – best of luck to you all!


Images courtesy of Square Enix

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