E3 2018 Floor Plan Released – Nintendo And Sony Grab Biggest Booths

We’re just a month away from the biggest gaming event of the year – E3. With the start of the show not too far now, the official floor plans have been made available to the public, and we can now see what kind of booths the major industry players are going to have.

E3 Floor Plan West Hall
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It’s clear that Sony and Nintendo have snagged the most space this year at E3. In the latter’s case, it makes a lot of sense considering they’re expected to showcase Smash Bros. for Switch, possibly Super Metroid 4, and maybe even a new main title Pokemon game. While there would surely be a lot of excitement surrounding a playable demo of the first two, if there was some indication of an open world Pokemon game for Switch, the number of Youtube emotional reactions might even top the number of Final Fantasy VII Remake ones. Here’s to hoping that Pokemon game turns out to be the one that fans have been long been dreaming of.


E3 Floor Plan South Hall
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Speaking of Final Fantasy, Square Enix also has a pretty large booth. Will they share more about the aforementioned “Final Fantasy VII Remake?” The last significant piece of info that came out was Cloud’s redesigning. An update on this would definitely be a crown pleaser.

E3 Floor Plan Concourse Hall
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Now you’re probably wondering about the absence of Microsoft right? Apparently they only have a small booth in the South Hall called “Mixer” which will serve as their sole presence in the convention center. Seems relatively unimpressive no? Well, that’s because Microsoft literally has their own venue across the street from the LA Convention Center – The Microsoft Theater. They’ll be doing all of their game showcasing and press releases from there.

Microsoft Theater
The Microsoft Theater looks pretty snazzy. Image Source: Microsoft

E3 2018 has the potential to be one of the biggest in recent years. We’re eagerly counting the days till it gets here. As more E3 news comes out, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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