Arena of Valor: Top 5 Heroes with lowest cooldown skills

Top 5 of Arena of Valor: this time, we will list all the heroes with lowest cooldown in this game. These heroes are considered extremely dangerous, and they can turn the tide of battles, and win team fights on their own.

The game currently has 76 heroes, but there are only a few heroes with very low cooldown skills. And most of them take mid lane. So who are they?? Let’s find out the top 5 heroes with lowest cooldown skills.

Top 1: Ignis

AOV arena of valor


The fiery oldman has been on several diffrent top 5 of the game. In season 8, he was dominant thanks to the his skill rework. At early game, not many heroes can solo win the lane against Ignis, if they do, it is in the skill of the players, not the heroes. Ignis is considered the strongest mage at mid lane at the moment.

The new mechanics enable Ignis to use his fire spells constantly if the enemies got hit by his passive and fire spells. This  hero is strong since level two instead of level four like most other heroes. The enemy also can’t clear soldiers under Ignis’s presence.

If Ignis got blue buff, his skills go off cooldown extremely fast. Even his ultimate can be used again in several seconds. Strong disable combo and fast cooldown allow this hero reach top position in Battle of Clones. Ignis deserves the first slot in  top 5 heroes with lowest cooldown skills.

Top 2: Lauriel

top 5 liên quân

Lauriel is not far behind Ignis in term of power, and she is very powerful at late game. After this archangel get equipment with 40% reduced cooldown and blue buff, her skills basically has no cooldown.

Lauriel is recommended if the enemy pick many tanky heroes like Maloch,Cresht and Thane. If the enemy team doesn’t have a lot of disable skills, then Lauriel can run rampant because no one can stop her inside the Judgement Circle.

Lauriel’s strength lies in the passive ability to deal damage. If she has blue buff, she can even deal true damage, ignoring enemy resist. To play against her, you should pick strong burst damage or alot of disables.


Top 3: Chaugnar

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Chaugnar is an outstanding support in this season. This elephant gets to top 5 lowest cooldown thanks to Chaos Protection ability to reduce cooldown of his Shockwave. Chaugnar can charge in the enemy team and wreak havoc unto them.

Chaugnar doesn’t need blue buff to get low cooldown, but his damage can’t really match true mage like Ignis or Lauriel. If a team get Ignis at mid lane with Chaugnar support, the enemy won’t be able to move for a short amount of time.

Top 4: Jungling Zephys

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A Jungleing Zephys is pretty common among Arena of Valor players. This hero is often played in the jungle if the enemy has marksmen. Zephys has initial skills with low cooldown, and if he get blue buff when jungling, he is unstoppable.

Zephys’s Death Rift has 1 second cooldown, and his ultimate Deadth From Above has 6 second cooldown. This will allow Zephys to constantly disable enemy heroes. These two skills are his strongest attack to dish out damage.

Low cooldown allow Zephys to go in and out of combat freely. His passive increases damage reduction when he is low on health, that’s why Zephys can survive many battles.

Top 5: Preyta

top 5 liên quân

Preyta has cooldown reduction mechanics cooldown that is very similar to Chaugnar , the diffrentt is Preyta can just use his ultimate to reduce the cooldown of every others skills. Preyta can use his Plague Specter again after just 2 seconds, on top of that, he can seal the deal with his Poison Gas Bomb.

When first released, Preyta has shown exceptional power with a very high pickrate. This hero can become a true markman when he activate his Disciple of the Plague state. The enemy won’t know how long they has been inflicted by poison as long as Preyta is still in his ultimate state.

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